I’ve had an interest with photography when my Dad bought the first digital camera for our usual family photos. However, due to the lack of motivation and resources, I did not really pursue much of my interest and only took pictures when a camera is in my hand. This doesn’t really allow me to improve much on my photography. But as time pass by and I saw all the amazing photos from the professional photographers, my interest for photography rekindled. So I decided to invest on a powershot and a dslr camera. As time pass by, I’ve learnt so much about photography and its fundamentals. Now, I made photography as my hobby. Though, I don’t really intend to make it as a profession for me to pursue for now. Currently, my goal is to get the review of professional photographers to comment on my work so that I can improve myself to be a better photographer. Do take a look at some of the pics that I posted on my website. Though, I do post my photoshoot shots on my Instagram. Do support me and provide reviews on my work.